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Orthodontic treatment using traditional braces may not be ideal for some people. Luckily, EZ-Align, available from Dr. Sahgal, can help you straighten your teeth and correct your bite issues without the hassle of metal brackets and wires. Let EZ-Align help you get the smile you’ve always wanted.

How does EZ-Align work?

EZ-Align uses pressure applied by customized personal aligner trays made from clear plastic to move your teeth into their correct positions. EZ-Align’s trays are made from thermoplastic material and latex. These BPA-free materials are safe to wear and comfortable in your mouth. EZ-Align patients wear each tray for anywhere from two to three weeks before switching it for the next tray in the series. The number of trays in the series depends on the severity of your orthodontic issues and how far your teeth will need to move before finding their final positions.

How can EZ-Align help me?

EZ-Align can treat the same conditions as traditional braces. Some of the most common orthodontic issues treated by braces include:

  • overbite
  • underbite
  • cross bite
  • open bite
  • misaligned teeth
  • overcrowding
  • under crowding

The Benefits of EZ-Align

Unlike traditional braces, EZ-Align trays are almost completely invisible to others. Patients remove the trays to eat and brush or floss their teeth, cutting down oral care routine times and allowing you to stick with the same already-established good oral habits already in place without the need to add extra steps or buy specialized equipment like water flossers. The trays’ removability allows patients to continue eating the foods they love, like popcorn or whole apples, unlike the traditional braces which would hinder them from doing so. A consultation with Dr. Sahgal can help you determine if EZ-Align is your best orthodontic option. Patients should wear their EZ-Align aligner trays for at least 20 hours a day, removing them only to eat or perform their oral care routine. It is necessary to have a strong commitment to treatment to avoid lengthened treatment times or other complications due to not wearing your trays the alloted amount of time.

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